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Terrell Owens and Pacman Jones are no longer with the Dallas Cowboys, but no matter what, it seems as if every offseason there is drama in Dallas. If not drama, then you will have a few players shooting their mouths off complaining about what they aren’t getting but should be getting, or daring someone to challenge them. I guess it’s a Texas thing since I tend to shoot my mouth off at times daring someone to challenge me, but I am not one to complain. Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton have been talking, whining, pouting, complaining and making blasphemous statements to the media about their roles and/or playing time. Ironically all of this has happened since the Cowboys drafted Dez Bryant back in April. If you ask me, Roy and Patrick see the writing on the wall and know that one of them may not be there on opening day. You would think that Roy and Patrick would just “man up” and compete instead of pouting.

Patrick Crayton has taken pouting to a whole new level by not even attending OTAs at all over the past two weeks. Instead of actually showing up to camp and running nine and five routes with the other receivers, he has decided to sit at home and sulk. Through all of the complaining, he has said that he wants to compete for a roster spot, but only if it’s going to be a real competition. He says that he just wants a fair shot to compete. Well actions speak louder than words Patrick. In order for one to compete for a roster spot, one must show up to camp. Earlier this week Crayton said “The ideal resolution is to be somewhere where you’re wanted. All I’ve known is a star on my helmet”. Interesting statement Pat, I don’t think the Cowboys didn’t say you weren’t wanted in Dallas, Jerry and company just wants you to step up and produce consistently. It’s up to Patrick to determine whether or not he wants to be a Dallas Cowboy. All of the sharp comments made to the media doesn’t hold much weight and makes him look bad.

Roy Williams talked a little trash immediately after the draft, but since then he has been bragging about how hard he has been working. Other things he has been doing besides praising Dez Bryant, is saying that he and Romo were going to be like Montana and Rice. Tony Romo isn’t Joe Montana and Roy Williams isn’t Jerry Rice . So that blasphemous statement is hilarious and uncalled for. Roy just needs to shut up and actually put in work and produce come game time. Another thing I don’t understand is why is Roy telling people how hard he is working out and that he has never worked this hard before? According to a recent interview with yahoo sports, when he was in Detroit he use to go back to Texas and train hard. Last time I checked, part of being a professional athlete is staying in shape. No need to tell us how hard you’re doing your job during the offseason. People don’t care what Roy is doing when the games don’t count, only when they do count.

Both of these players need to stop telling Cowboy fans what they want, what they are doing or how it’s going to be, and just step up and perform. The Cowboys are one of maybe three of the most complete teams in the NFL this year. They have a legitimate shot at getting to the Super Bowl and winning it. These two guys need to get with the program and help make this team what it could be, a Super Bowl Champion. Or they will be watching Cowboy games from the bench or on another team come opening day.

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